Life After Meta

Life After Meta

Posted by Julie Bent on

We are dropping our Meta channels. It's time for Tortuga to move away from Instagram and Facebook and invest our energy into channels that will build this business up and help us grow.

Sometimes disengaging is
the best way to engage. - Rick Rubin

Why this shift?

Dropping these channels enables us to give our full attention to this community, without distractions. We are designing thoughtful experiences and sharing what's important to us here at Tortuga.

Current culture has created expectations that the small shops should perform like the corporate biggies… show up on all the channels, offer fast free shipping, be open 7 days a week. I could go on. But that's not aligned with the life or the business I want to build.

The reality is that the 'Gram and Facebook consume a lot of our physical time and mental energy and is limiting our capacity to do more of what we really want to. This year, we are diving into spaces that allow us to share more and hold your attention longer. To spaces you choose to be in and feel fully present there.

Clarity is a funny thing… It can be illusive, but when it hits it's loud and clear! In 2023, we are more clear on who Tortuga is and where we are going.

Tortuga is focused on... 

PEOPLE : artists, innovators, problem solvers. 
OBJECTS : solutions, support, reminders of our good intentions. 
CONNECTION : the lines connecting the dots... the people, the objects, the ideas, the conversations, the solutions.
Where will you find us?

We will continue bringing you the best in indie goods. We are digging deeper into our In-Store experience this year. Designing events and workshops that connect you to the brands we all love and allow us to have deeper conversations about our values of slow living, sustainability, community, art and creativity.

We are connecting the dots between our Brick and Mortar and our Online Shop. You can look forward to more goodness online, including products updates, staff favorites, curated collections, gift sets, and blog posts about our values and brands. 

Email will become an important channel for sharing shop updates, brand stories and thoughtful happenings here. Look forward to gems in your inboxes. We get it that inboxes are a precious space and we promise to always send treasures, not trash.

We will apply the same thoughtful and disciplined approach to all our channels - the Brick and Mortar, Online Shop, and Email. This feels more true to who we are and the way we want to engage you and grow our collective. 

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