The Secret To Authentic Gifting

The Secret To Authentic Gifting

Posted by Julie Bent on

Ever feel anxious about finding the right gift? Have someone in your life who feels extra hard to shop for? Here is a fresh new way to look at it.

Honor The Beauty of The Exchange

Finding gifts for folks may or may not be your favorite thing. If it's something that causes you stress, take a deep breath and relax. The main purpose of the gift is the exchange. A gift is to be given and received with grace. Giving to the people in our lives says 'I care about you and you are a valuable person in my life.'

Release any worry about what becomes of your gift after the exchange. Remember, the gift is only a small symbol of your connection to the people you care about.

Ditch The Fear + Trust Yourself

If you wish to improve your ability to pick out gifts that resonate strongly with your person, you need to ditch your fear and trust yourself. You can definitely do this! Here are some questions to get you moving in the right direction :  

  • What is important to them?
  • What is their favorite thing to do?
  • What do you both love to do together?
  • When was the last time you saw them belly laugh and what was it over?
  • What color do you see when you think of them?
  • What's something you gave them in the past that they still use today? 
  • What are they newly interested in?

The more you open up to channeling your connection and leaning into what you know to be true of them, the closer you will get each and every time.

Have you ever been out and seen something that makes you think of a specific person? Well, that right there is true, trustworthy, intel and is not to be second guessed. If we took action in those moments we would have the perfect gift every time!

In A Pinch

If you truly feel stuck on what to get folks, our insider secret is consumables!

This is the ultimate way to release worry over what becomes of your gift after you give it. This can be sweet treats, a pound of coffee, a bottle of wine, your favorite maple syrup. Take it up a notch and share a secret family recipe with all the ingredients needed to make it.

Remember, gifting is meant to be fun! We hope you lean in and discover that you are actually very good at it and love sharing with the folks in your life.


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