The Beauty of Spontaneity

Posted by Julie Bent on

Lately, I've been thinking about the difference between being impulsive and being spontaneous.Large retailers rely on ones impulsivity. That unexplainable urge to add more and more things to the shopping cart. How many times have you gone into Target to buy toilet paper and laundry detergent and walked out spending over $100? I'm willing to wager that it's more than once. These stores are designed to make you buy without thinking. Feeding impulsivity results in a temporary fulfillment and so one returns again and again to refill.

Over the weekend a curious first time customer came into Tortuga. Having never been here before she took time to explore the store. She picked up a pair of Upper Metal Class earrings and said "My Mom will love these!" She went on to explain that her mother doesn't like to wear dangle earrings and that she could see her wearing these sterling silver studs all the time. She lingered a bit longer and then picked up a different pair. She told me "This pair is for my Mom and this pair is for Me." It was spontaneous and inspiring. Her curiosity led to an opportunity to share joy with her mom. The most beautiful take away for me was that through these simple symbols they will also share a connection.

My intention through Tortuga is to inspire you and hopefully affect how you value and consume product. These beautiful things that I bring together here are symbols of thoughtfulness, joy and connection. From the materials they are made of, to the people who make them, to the people who will enjoy them.

As you shop this holiday season, please be both intentional and spontaneous. No matter how big or small a gift is the purpose is the same; to spread joy and reinforce our connections with the ones we care about.

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