The Transformative Power of Creativity: An Artist's Journey

The Transformative Power of Creativity: An Artist's Journey

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In a world filled with distractions, it is easy to overlook the impact that creativity has on our lives. Baltimore artist Leyman Scott’s journey back to making art demonstrates the value of finding time to do more of what you love.

Photo of Artist Leyman Scott in his Hamilton Hills home

Leyman Scott resides in Hamilton Hills, Baltimore. His early experiences in design and mechanical engineering, including higher math studies, drafting courses, and technical drawing classes laid the foundation for a unique approach to making art.

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic ignited a creative spark. With more time on his hands he unearthed a container filled with art supplies dormant for almost 35 years. In less than a year, he created nearly 20 new pieces.

Rekindling the Creative Flame

Leyman reacquainted himself with the fundamentals, from selecting the right paper to ensuring all his tools were in working order. 

“Being away from drawing for so long (over three decades) made it necessary to review some of the basics like selecting the right paper, having an array of high-quality pencils to work with, making sure all my tools were in proper working order, etc.. Going back into an art supply store was thrilling. Once all that was sorted out, it was like getting back on a bicycle. I felt a sense of satisfaction and joy with each completed work. I couldn't wait to start the next piece. I hope I'm never away from my art that long again.”

Remember that creativity knows no time limits and can bring deep joy into our lives. Is there anything fundamental to who you are that needs attention?

The Choice of Colored Pencils

Scott's choice of colored pencils as his medium reveals a deep appreciation for its finality. Colored pencils can be unforgiving, but Scott loves this challenge. Art is not only about creating; it's about making choices and embracing the magic in the results.

"Depending on the paper and the quality of pigment in the pencils, it can be difficult to undo what has been done. One might say,"Well, just erase it." This can be easier said than done for the reasons I just mentioned. I also work exclusively (for now) on white paper. For me, this is a way for the colors to stand out more... be more garish... be more emotive... be more colorful."

The Urge to Create

The urge to realize our ideas is a force that eventually finds its way out. We each follow our own timeline and share in our own ways. The method you choose to convey your ideas will be unique to you. Scott’s journey reminds me that our creativity is more than a pastime; truly, it's a part of our identity. Tune in and listen. Follow your interests, because they are the means to the contentment that we all seek.

The Subjectivity of Art

Scott creates primarily for himself, embracing the joy and satisfaction of the process. To share your creations is not free from risk. Shared art becomes subject to others interpretations, criticisms and experiences. On the other side of risk is often reward and your creative process may become a source inspiration for others. 

"Art is so incredibly subjective; the burden is too great for me to bear what someone might feel or take away from anything I have created. Until this opportunity, I never created art for anyone but myself. I know what I feel and what I take away from my art, and I want to think that's enough for me. Having said that, offering one's art up to the public for criticism and interpretation comes with risks... it being disliked, related to, misunderstood or, perhaps, even being loved. Maybe that it evokes anything is all an artist asks."

Art transcends boundaries and speaks to people in both profound and subtle ways. It's not your job to define how it is received. Your responsibility is to share the point of view.

An Odyssey of Shapes - Color and Meaning

Leyman Scott's journey back to art is a testament to the transformative power of diving into your creative process. It's a reminder that art is not just a pastime; it's a way of life, a way to reconnect with our inner selves, and a steady source of joy and inspiration. 

At Tortuga, we value living more intentionally, cherishing your time, and nurturing your wellness through more of what you love. 

Join us for this Meet and Greet with Leyman Scott.
An Odyssey of Shapes - Color and Meaning
Sunday, October 22nd, 2PM - 5PM

Event Image, Sunday October 22, 2023 2P - 5P at Tortuga

Be inspired and connect with fellow creatives! When we gather together our energy and intentions are amplified. Let’s collectively celebrate the benefits of art in our lives.



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