Shopping Sustainably: Reduce, Reuse. Turning Old Into New

Shopping Sustainably: Reduce, Reuse. Turning Old Into New

Posted by Alex Hedley on

ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST! When our items get worn down, used up and raggedy, our first instinct is to toss and re-purchase. What if we can put our thinking cap on and make something even better and brighter?

Two women, leaning against a wall holding fun yellow and maroon tote bags

When two of our Immodest Cotton totes wound up sun bleached from being displayed too near the windows, I was heartbroken. 

Enter Maude Kasperzak of Mude Studios. We had be tossing around ways to collaborate, but hadn’t landed on the right idea. But these totes!?! Could Maude work her magic on these babies?

Turns out YES! In a big way. These totes went from sun bleached sadness to Mude Studios magical madness 🌈

two women holding a yellow and maroon tote bag with colorful designs


When re-creating worn out fashion items or home goods, we not only get a new product we are excited about, but we used our creativity, which is a great mood booster and stress reducer!

Boom, two-for-one!

On that note, here are a few more funky ways you can upcycle your products, besides your wardrobe, at home:

1. giving your plant terra cotta pots a paint surprise

2. Turn your candle jars into storage containers.

(To-do: when you are finished with your candle, put in a pan with a small amount of water in a pan and simmer on low heat. Once wax is clear and liquid, pour into a can or into the garbage. Clean out the jar with dish soap and voila!)

3. Turn old tees into produce bags


Whats you're go-to upcycle? We'd love to hear!


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