Shopping Sustainably: Three Easy Swaps for a Greener Kitchen

Posted by Alex Hedley on

Living a sustainable lifestyle is multi-faceted. There are many components to embracing a different way of living, it means opening up to a new thought patterns and creating better habits. The good news is, there is no need to change everything all at once! Start by making simple shifts.

Sustainability challenges us to create less waste. It also is an investment to avoid chronically buying the wasteful version, and these three items below will help you save so much in the long run. Make these three easy swaps in your home right now!

1. Try beeswax wraps to store your leftovers. They keep food fresh, can last a year or longer, and are biodegradable when you are done with them. Toss them into your compost or bury them in your garden.

Flatlay of beeswax wraps

2. Make the switch to cloth napkins. Ditch your paper napkins and paper towels. Cloth napkins are way more cheerful to use and then you can toss them into the wash with the rest of your linens.

3. Replace sponges with re-usable ones. Yes, those exist! Our nylon scrubbies can actually go in the top rack of your dishwasher and come out brand new. Stop buying the throw aways that can hold onto a lot of bacteria. 

The kitchen is a simple place to start making sustainable decisions, especially eco-friendly ones. Look for goods that are re-usable and use little packaging.

Have fun with the process! Before you know it, the little swaps you've made will be your new normal. You'll also be saving tons of cash in the long run!

What replacement are you making next? Let us know!


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