Shopping Sustainably: Three Tips on How To Shop Smarter for your Wardrobe

Shopping Sustainably: Three Tips on How To Shop Smarter for your Wardrobe

Posted by Julie Bent on

Sustainable shopping, slow-fashion, small batch manufacturing : What does this even mean and why does it matter?

Much of our current consumer culture is one that creates a ton of waste and delivers temporary solutions. Why?

So that you buy more sooner!

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Guess what? It wasn't always this way and we know it doesn't need to continue that way. Basic rule of thumb in FAST fashion : Something selling for $20 only costs $5 or less to make. That's materials, labor, notions (buttons, zippers, etc), freight costs. How do you get garment costs down to below $5? Super high volumes, overseas production, cheap labor, synthetic fabrics, less stitches, fast finishing techniques.

You get what you pay for... pay less, you get less!

As you shift your awareness more to shopping SLOW fashion here are some ideas to explore:

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1. Edit your current wardrobe down to items that you LOVE and feel GREAT in! It's helpful to take stock of your closet and connect with who you are today and what feels good.

2. Use your new understanding of what you LOVE to move forward. Investing in new well made items won't feel so intimidating when you LOVE them and you find yourself turning to those new layers day after day.

3. As you move forward... Check garment labels and be curious! Where is it made? What is the fabric? Research the brands you are drawn to. What is their ethos? Where do they manufacture? Is the brand's culture one that is rooted in quality, longevity, and equality?

  close-up of a girl wearing a 3 quarter length switched jacket with warm tones, cream and brownsclose-up of a girl wearing a 3 quarter length switched jacket with cool, darker tones, blues and grays

We get that it can feel hard as these principals are not main stream yet. The momentum is building and the tides are definitely shifting. Small brands are pushing back on the wasteful culture and toxic practices of the fashion industry.

My tip for you is to start small - you don't have to Marie Kondo your entire wardrobe at this very second! You can start slowly separating your closet when you find a piece of clothing you seem to be avoiding - then in 6 months reevaluate that section, and go from there. When you replace, start to investigate your potentially new clothing item using the tips and questions above.

In no time you'll have a meaningfully-curated closet you're in love with and that you feel good about! 

Check out some pieces we carry. These are brands I love and know come from a wonderful place.

Let's embrace this new way of buying and grow into it as a collective!

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